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La importancia de llamarse Ernesto

by Oscar Wilde
La importancia de llamarse Ernesto ©Felipe Mena
January 19
February 19, 2023
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Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm

1h 45min

Paco Nieva says that The Importance of Being Earnest is “a perfect theatrical dream, a merciless and eccentric comedy, perfect, beautiful and dreamlike, like the life of a rose in the strange walls of a vertical garden”. A delicate rose that reminds us of the ephemeral and revealing nature of beauty and life.

Wilde’s perfect script abounds in dramaturgical wisdom and lively intelligence. With its uncomplicated dialogue, he makes the truth explode in the face of the audience, who feel constantly challenged.

Wilde creates a great number of territories through which his characters wander: love, desire, origins, commitment, hypocrisy, identity and, above all, freedom, the freedom he yearned for, the freedom to be who he was, which led him to prison shortly after writing The Importance of Being Earnest. This feeling of freedom is present throughout the play. Yet perhaps the clearest expression of this freedom is seen in two of the female characters, Gwendolen and Cecily, who live their dream life just as intensely, if not more so, than their real life. Where does each one of us draw our limits? Why do we censor ourselves? How can we become fully ourselves?

Although it may be hard to see, given that we are dealing with a luminous comedy, there is also a strong death drive in The Importance... Like any work of art that resonates within us, more than a hundred years after its creation, what Wilde tells us about how we should live is profoundly linked to the fact that this matter of existing (as far as we know) only happens once and that our “time” on this earth really only makes sense if we become free.

Cast and Creative Team

By: Oscar Wilde 

Directed by: David Selvas

Translation: Cristina Genebat

With María Pujalte, Pablo Rivero, Paula Malia, Ferran Vilajosana, Paula Jornet, Albert Triola, Gemma Brió    

Scenic space design: Jose Novoa

Lighting design: Mingo Albir

Sound design: Lucas Ariel Vallejos

Costume design: Maria Armengol

Makeup: Paula Ayuso

Choreography and movement: Pere Faura

Musical direction: Pere Jou and Aurora Bauzà (Telemann Rec)

Original music: Paula Jornet

A production by Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, La Brutal and Bitò Produccions

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