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La tempestad

by William Shakespeare
Musical theatre
La tempestad ©Caroline Bottaro
January 29, 2023
Tuesday to Sunday / 7.30pm

Unquestionably the most operatic of all Shakespeare's plays, The Tempest emphasises the beauty of the narrative through image and music. As an opera and theatre director, it is this dimension that awakened a desire in me: it offered me the possibility of sharing these two approaches.

Inspired by the breath of imagination and poetry, the play is a profound reflection on the nature of man. It portrays a critique of our excesses, of our lies, a struggle against obscurantism in order to overcome our demons. It appeals to the values of tolerance and compassion that we so badly need today...

Sandrine Anglade

Cast and Creative Team

By William Shakespeare

Directed by: Sandrine Anglade

With Marceau Deschamps-Segura, Damien Houssier, Alexandre Lachaux, Laurent Montel, Pierre-François Doireau, Serge Nicolaï, Marie Oppert, Nina Petit, Sarah-Jane Sauvegrain, Léna Dangréaux and Benoît Segui

Collaboration in the dramaturgy: Clément Camar-Mercier

Scenic space design: Mathias Baudry

Lighting design: Oliva Caty

Costume design: Cindy Lombardi

Director of signing: Nicola Takov

Sound design: Théo Cardoso

A production by the Sandrine Anglade Company in a co-production with Escena Nacional del Sur de Aquitania, Comédie de Picardie and Theatres in Dracénie with the artistic participation of the Teatro Nacional Joven and lENSATT. With the creative assistance of DRAC Île-de-France, ADAMI and SPEDIDAM. With thanks to the Ópera de Lille and L'Arcal Lyrique