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Daara J Family

DAARA J FAMILY - Alun Be - BOOK 2  (1)
November 26, 2021
120 min

Since their inception in Dakar in the 90s, Faada Freddy and Ndongo D have worked to create a bridge between their culture and the rest of the world. His engaging texts in Wolof, English or French have always conveyed the hope for a better world with unwavering optimism. His music is born from an intelligent mix between the secular traditions of the griots of Senegal and the musical genres that have influenced his particular style, from the funk-soul of James Brown, to the psyche-rock of Pink Floyd, passing through the American hip-hop of Public Enemy and Bob Marley's reggae.

In their live band formation, his "energetic" hip-hop echoes their social concerns: education, ecology, child protection. In more than 20 years of career and 1000 concerts around the world, they have had the opportunity to perform supporting Wyclef Jean, Public Enemy and Mos Def in the USA, along with Peter Gabriel during Womad, with Africa Express and Damon Albarn in London and Lagos, in Transmusicales in Rennes, in Solidays, etc.

They have released four albums between 1997 and 2010, including Boomerang, winner of the best album award at the BBC World Award in 2003, illustrating the band's scope and incredible ability to unite continents, from Dakar to New York, Paris and Kingston.

Today, Daara J Family remain one of the leading groups in the African hip-hop scene and one of its best ambassadors. The duo has matured and among their respective solo projects, the two childhood friends Ndongo D and Faada Freddy, carried away by the same ardor as in their beginnings and with a new creative impulse, return to the stage with Africa Moment to celebrate their 25th anniversary.