Teatro Español y Naves del Español

Aulas 2024

by Carlos Molinero
Educational centres in Madrid
Immersive Theatre
Aulas ©Remy Tortosa
DateTemporada 2022/23

Teatro Español presents an ambitious itinerant event based on an immersive theatre project.

With Classrooms (Aulas), a project by Carlos Molinero directed by Rubén Cano, we take the theatre out of our venues to invade classrooms and offer students aged 14 to 17 from schools in Madrid a project about violence in the classroom in general and bullying and cyberbullying in particular.

Classrooms (Aulas) is an immersive proposal that crosses the line between audience-spectator and, therefore, student-actor, where a situation is witnessed that highlights the real problem of bullying among peers and its consequences.

Ficha artística

By Carlos Molinero

Directed by: Rubén Cano

With Cristina Bertol, Jordi Buisán, Carlos Lorenzo, Carmen Millet, Laura Montesinos and Carla R. Cabané

Lighting design: Paco Ariza

Costume design: Ana Rodrigo

Set design and sound design: CORTEX

A production by CORTEX in collaboration with Nuevo Teatro Fronterizo (NTF)


Alumnos de 12 a 16 años


Centros educativos de Madrid

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