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by Henrik Ibsen
A family drama in three acts
Espectros ©Javier Naval
January 27
March 5, 2023

Tuesday to Sunday / 7.30pm

90 min
Post-show talk

What would have happened if the Nora in Casa de muñecas hadn’t broken free of her chains and had instead remained with her husband? This reflection seems to have led Ibsen to write his next play: Espectros. When it premiered in 1882, it caused a huge scandal.

Ghosts was described as "an open sewer"; never before had the principles and foundations of the patriarchal structure been so openly dissected and attacked: the family, with the man at its head, must be preserved at all costs; one’s reputation must be protected by blood and fire. The lie (the omertà) - and the darkness it casts - serves to perpetuate the oppression of women and the sexual violence (exercised inside and outside the home) that are sustained with the forced complicity of the victims themselves... As Simone de Beauvoir said: “The oppressor would not be so strong if he did not have accomplices among the oppressed...” But this work, in which light and darkness are the two antagonistic forces in combat, announces to us with its powerful and metaphorical voice that, as the saying goes - “You can’t block the sun out with one finger”- dawn will come, whether we want it to or not, to reveal the ashes of what we leave to future generations for that which must burn.

Cast and Creative Team

By: Henrik Ibsen

Adaptation and Direction: María Fernández Ache 

With: María Fernández Ache (Helena Alvin), Javier Albalá (Manders), Carla Díaz (Regina), Manuel Morón (Engstrand), Andrés Picazo (Osvald)

Scenic space design and costumes: Ikerne Gimenez

Lighting design: Felipe Ramos

Sound design: Nacho Bilbao

Assistant director: Sonia Almarcha

Deputy Director: Philippe Nadouce

Production manager: Rosa Merás

Production assistant: María José Martínez

Produced by Teatro Español, Territorio Violeta and Philippe Nadouce 


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