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Vividero México

Cycle of Dramatized Readings
Family Theater
II Vividero
Vividero Mexico
October 23
November 14, 2021
Saturdays and Sundays / 5pm
Post-show talk

Fortuna y la máquina de lluvia (23 and 24 October) 
Author: Eleonora Luna Reyes
Directed by: Cynthia Miranda
With: Elisa Forcano, Adí Bar-Gera, Roberto Enríquez (voice over) and María Morales (voice over)

This play tells the story of the emotional and vibrant journey of Fortuna, a ten-year-old girl from Valle Aventura who sets off in search of her parents, “adventurers who roam roads and chase dreams”. It is a poetic reflection on those families of dreamers, who travel to the border in search of opportunities.


Niño de octubre (30 and 31 October)
Author: Maribel Carrasco
Directed by Cristina Silveira
With: Mamen Godoy, Juan Carlos Rueda, Iván Luis Agrelo, Guillermo Serrano and Camilo Maqueda 

A text full of sensitivity, open to the exploration of the poetic image, the role of stories and myths, and that of the senses, in which illness, care and the art of storytelling are addressed.


Las arañas cumplen años (6 and 7 November) 
Author: Camila Villegas
Directed by Cristina Silveira
With: Iván Luis Agrelo, Mamen Godoy, Marta Gómez and Alfredo Noval

This play speaks of the silence of words where bullets speak; of people displaced by violence; of family life when some family members are missing...


Todos somos Braian (13 and 14 November)
Author: Maribel Carrasco
Directed by Cynthia Miranda
With: David Hípola, Alejandro Chaparro, Julia Nicolau, María Romero, Álvaro Fontalba and Laura García-Marín

This play initially reflects the experience of a young boy, Braian, caught up in a situation of bullying at school and aggression in his community. The narrative and rhapsodic function is of great importance here, but as the story progresses, we will discover that Braian has been harbouring an important secret...


Creative Team

Set design: Lúa Quiroga

Lighting design: Lola Barroso

Costume design: Laura Ferrón

Sound space design and composition: Irma Catalina

Video-scene design: Elvira Ruiz

Management assistant: Olga Alamán

A production by the Teatro Español