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by Juan Mayorga
Amistad ©Javier Naval
January 26
March 5, 2023

Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm

February 18 / 8pm

80 min
Post-show talk

Although they have shared all kinds of games since they were just kids, today these friends are going to play what may well be their last game - a game with which to mock both life and death. It’s a dangerous game, because what’s at stake is their very friendship... A reflection on life, memories, love, masculinity, friendship and the passing of time, full of humour and thought.

As human beings - timorous and deceitful as well as sincere and heroic - many of us need games to face the truth. To face it without blindfolds and so that it can flow into our mouths like a spring that can only be sealed by the end of the game itself... But what’s said is said. And what's done is done.

Guaranteed belly laughs for the audience, charged with the philosophy of Juan Mayorga. And the fact is that death can be quite funny.

José Luis García-Pérez

Cast and Creative Team

By Juan Mayorga

Directed by: José Luis García-Pérez

With Ginés García Millán, Daniel Albadalejo and José Luis García-Pérez

Scenic space design and costumes: Alessio Meloni

Lighting design: Pedro Yagüe

Sound space design: Ana Villa and Juanjo Valmorisco

Assistant director: Carlos Martínez-Abarca

A production by Octubre Producciones and Teatro Español

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Subtitling for the deaf

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