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El caballero incierto

by Laila Ripoll, based on a character by Rosa Montero
El caballero incierto
May 25
June 4, 2022



Tuesday to Sunday/ 8pm





Rosa Montero's excellent novel, La carne [The Flesh], contains a small hidden gem.

It is the imaginary history of Josefina Aznárez, a formidable, passionate, magical character, one of those that appear very infrequently but stay with you forever.

Josefina is a luckless character, a forlorn and painful creation of the condition of being a woman. This woman could easily be Hildegard of Bingen, María Lejárraga or George Sand.

On 3 November 1893, her destiny crosses paths with the explosion and subsequent tragedy of the steamboat “Cabo Machichaco”.... From that point on, it is Laila Ripoll who writes this monologue. Josefina enters the shadows and disappears, to be transformed into a ghost, a myth, into stage fodder. To never, ever disappear.

This caballero incierto [uncertain gentleman] is a tribute to these brave, silenced and forgotten women. El caballero incierto is about us women and about our place in the world.

Cast and Creative Team
Direction: Alberto Castrillo-Ferrer and José Recuenco
By: Laila Ripoll, based on a character in the novel La carne [The Flesh] by Rosa Montero 
Original idea by: Silvia de Pé
Cast: Silvia de Pé  

Scenic design: Anna Tusell
Lighting design: Juan Gómez-Cornejo
Sound design and original music: David Angulo
Costume design: Arantxa Ezquerro

A production by Teatro Español, Come y Calla and Silvia de Pé