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Un hombre de paso

by Felipe Vega
Un hombre de paso
February 20, 2022

Tuesday to Saturday / 7:30pm 

Sunday / 6:30pm

70 min

In the bar of the Roma Hotel, in the city of Turin, a journalist is talking to her newspaper’s editorial staff while she waits for two people to arrive for what is to be a really important interview. The first to appear from among the shadows is Primo Levi, a world-famous writer, chemist by profession and survivor of the Auschwitz extermination camp. Anna, the journalist, is about to interview Maurice Rossel, a former Swiss member of the International Red Cross during the Second World War, and Levi is there to "witness" the interview. Rossel visited Nazi concentration camps and talked to their commanding officers and a number of prisoners before issuing a report that was, to say the least, quite controversial. Even though the two men were in the same camp, their experience was diametrically different. One had the privilege of visiting it as an observer and being able to move about with a certain degree of freedom. Levi, on the other hand, endured the horror of one of the most extreme and destructive experiences ever to befall mankind. The scene changes as the interview progresses. Anna’s questions begin to take on a more accusatory tone. She is fully informed about everything Rossel has written about his visits but she also has information about what was really going on there. Probing away, little by little, Anna "drives Rossel into a corner" thanks to her questions and the nuances she raises, all of which leave the former Red Cross official in a rather delicate situation, as it seems he didn’t really "comprehend" what he was seeing in the camps. Finally, Levi returns to the stage to deliver a lucid epilogue in which he lays the foundations of moral decency. Even so, Levi only sees himself as a storyteller, not as a moralist.

Cast and Creative Team

Dramaturgy: Felipe Vega

Directed by: Manuel Martín Cuenca

With: Antonio de la Torre, María Morales y Juan Carlos Villanueva

Lighting design: Juanjo Llorens

Scenic space design: Laura Ordás y Esmeralda Díaz

Costume design: Pedro Moreno y Rafael Garrigós

Assistant director: Sara Illán

A co-production between  EB Producciones, SEDA, Mansion Clapham producciones, Producciones OFF, VANIA and with the collaboration of the Teatro Lope de Vega de Sevilla

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