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Beethoven #ParaElisa

by Antonio Muñoz de Mesa
Musical theatre
Family Theater
Beethoven #ParaElisa ©Esmeralda Martín
May 27
June 3, 2022



Tuesday to Sunday / 18h


Teresa Malfatti, Ludwig van Beethoven’s platonic love, asks the Viennese genius to compose a piano piece dedicated to a young prodigy who has just arrived in the city: Elisabet Barensfeld, who she affectionately calls “Elisa”.

Teresa Malfatti confesses to Beethoven that composition of the piece is an excuse for him to also give young Elisa piano lessons, as she is losing her musical vocation.

Beethoven becomes obsessed with pleasing Teresa, using every strategy at his disposal to prevent Elisa from abandoning music.

Ludwig discovers that Elisa has another passion aside from music, and the young girl shows Beethoven that there is life beyond genius, talent and music.

Beethoven#ParaElisa [Beethoven#ForElisa] is a life-affirming show and musical for the whole family that explores the theme of education’s limits when the line between education and imposition becomes blurred.



Cast and Creative Team
Direction: Olga Margallo Martínez
Text by: Antonio Muñoz de Mesa
Musical direction: Lola Barroso  
Cast: Víctor Ullate Roche, Nuria Sánchez, Inés León, Lola Barroso e Iván Villanueva/Antonio Muñoz de Mesa
Lighting design: Rafael Catalina
Scenic design: Marcos Carazo
Costume design: Lola Trives

Una coproducción del Teatro Español y ManodeSanto