Teatro Español y Naves del Español

II Anïmales Mixtøs

2nd Festival of Music performed by actors and actresses
Animales mixtos
January 26
March 2, 2022




For years now, the most popular singers have made the leap to the cinema and the theatre and the same is true of actors, they move on to music, participate as singers, create their bands with other players, etc. In every age, artists from one side or the other of the arts experiment with and are attracted to the sister arts: they are what we refer to as multi-faceted artists.

The theatre is twinned with music for many reasons: rhythm, tessitura, harmony, the colour of the voices, breathing... in the theatre we often see actors playing instruments or singing. Music complements and enriches theatre. In any self-respecting theatrical project there is a musical creator. Moreover, theatre is often musical: cabaret, opera, musicals, etc.

January 26th: Inma Cuevas & Alarmantiks

February 9th: Natalia Dicenta & Vicente Borland Trio

February 16th: León Impala (Diana Palazón & Chema León)

February 23rd: Capitán Bazofia (Nacho Vera)

March 2nd: Vicente Navarro