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À un Endroit du Début

by Germaine Acogny / Mikaël Serre
A un endroit du debut Germaine Acogny ©Thomas Dorn
November 25, 2021
65 min

"A tree that has no roots cannot grow," recalls Germaine Acogny. This is how she tells herself: through the words of her father, the memory of her grandmother, this story rooted in Benin, where she was born, and in Senegal where she grew up, opens to all the lands of the world, where the door is the dance that she has been practicing since the 70s.

Considered the mother of contemporary dance and awarded the Golden Lion in Dance at the Venice Biennale 2021, Germaine Acogny offers a decidedly autobiographical show directed by Mikaël Serre. A solo that intersects dance, storytelling, theater and the projection of photos and films. A way of going back to the origin of total theater in Africa, the griot that sings, dances, tells... Encouraging a dialogue between the West and Africa, Germaine Acogny perhaps embodies what we all are, humans in transit, exiled, converted and reconverted, people who lose and find themselves, for whom ultimately identity is no longer the unavoidable, but a path. Germaine Acogny sings and dances to her traditions and relives this "place from the beginning".