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Vano fantasma de niebla y luz

Poetic recital based on the works of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer
Recital Becquer
November 17, 2021
1 hour

The pandemic made it impossible for 2020 to be the 'Bécquer Year' that the poet from Seville deserved. For obvious and inevitable reasons, cultural activities to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his death ended up being rather lacklustre, when they didn’t have to be cancelled outright.

But we don’t need to wait for a specific date or any other pretext to revisit Bécquer and explore his work. As modern philology -which has finally managed to dispel the ridiculous mythology that enshrouded the author’s creative work- would hold, any time is a good time, because Bécquer's poetic gaze is always turned towards the infinite and the universal. Indeed, his preoccupation is no more than a desire to try and glimpse -all the while knowing it is impossible- what he would call “the phenomena of the soul, the secret of life”. And his talent -or rather, one of them- is knowing how to get us all looking in that same direction, through that crack we hadn’t noticed “in the dark corner”, along to the hypnotic melody of verses which, despite their initial appearance, are never born of a spontaneous reaction that draws solely on sensibility but are rather the fruit of painstaking stylistic efforts to suitably refine the broad concept they address and -paradoxically- to manage to present it, in all its mysterious essence, expansively; leaping into the unfathomable based on a stimulus that’s at times small and particular, and has clear boundaries. That seems to be Bécquer's aim, and the inexorable fate of the voice he speaks through in every one of his poems. That’s also what we have tried to do in this recital: take a leap through his voice to lead the audience towards that same indecipherable generality, that “immaterial phantom of mist and light” which we all pursue without even remotely managing to grab hold of or figure out.


La Otra Arcadia company
Ficha artística

Text Selection and Dramaturgy: Raúl Losánez

Stage Direction: Ana Contreras

Cast: Beatriz Argüello, David Luque e Irene Rouco

Music: Irene Rouco

Songs: Raquel Riaño

Production: Cía. La otra Arcadia