Teatro Español y Naves del Español

II Marathon Platform

European meeting of programmers
II Plataforma
June 23, 2022

Marathon Platform aspires to be a new space for dialogue that will provide an international showcase for the independent theatre scene in Spain. The vast majority of the selected projects originate in Madrid’s fringe theatre circuit, small-format stage plays that have made their mark during the previous season.

Marathon Platform is part of the Platform Project, an annual cycle of exhibitions dedicated to making visible and promoting proposals by emerging stage directors, which also involves the promotion of the creative teams that collaborate with them in their activities and who also benefit in this way from the promotion that Platform seeks to offer them.

In this second edition, over the course of two days and through a digital platform, the Teatro Español and Naves del Español at Matadero is inviting several European programmers to attend six shows in the series and to meet with their creators and stage directors as a way to generate synergies and promote a European network for the exchange and feedback of ideas between the public sector and the independent scene, and to make known and address, in this way, the necessary renewal of offerings, creators and new audiences. The creators who participate in Platform will have the opportunity to make themselves known in other European centres where there may be an interest in Spanish culture.

The Marathon Platform event is exclusively for programmers.