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A muerte

by Hermanas Gestring
II Plataforma
A muerte ©Carolina Cebrino
May 8, 2022

Ticket, 15€

3 shows, 12€ ticket

6 shows, 10€ ticket

Tuesday to Sunday / 7:30pm 
60 min

To the Death as a rallying cry.

To the Death as a way of life.

That’s how we believe a play should be, that’s how it should be performed: to the death.

We carry the irony of humanity in our veins, we are daughters of the 21st century, we are the result of all the crap that went before, we stand before you with mockery and defiance: we don’t know how to behave any other way. The speed with which time rushes by and the pace of life just aren’t enough for us, that’s why, without hope and without fear, we face life to the death.

Excited and indeed almost possessed by uttering the words "to the death", we had no other way out, we had to kill the Gestring Sisters. With one clear objective: to come face to face with Hades.

To get there, we had to endure an arduous yet thrilling journey during which we had to deceive Charon, wander for years through meadows of asphodelus, pretend we had blue blood in our veins so we could stay in the Elysian Fields until the skin of the mermaids faded only to reveal the claws of the Keres, and so we could cross the river of fire and show Hades who was going to be in charge from now on. And we were so to the death in all this that we did it, we took over the underworld, it was ruled by us, the daughters of the night, thirsting for human blood.

What drives us is the desire to create, that’s why this work manifests itself like a vomit, an explosion of situations, there’s no room for respite or pause, it’s like a macabre game where if you rest or doubt you’re out, you’re dead.

Ficha artística

Creator and Director: Hermanas Gestring y David Climent

Video scene design: Diego Caro

Lighting design: Benito Jiménez

Creative accompaniment: Carolina Cebrino

Music: LCC / Mopa / Diego Caro y Lorenzo Soria (Industrias94)

Props: Miguel Díaz

Dramatic assistance: Verónica Morales

Costume designo: Anna Jonsson e Ingrid García 

Photography: Charo Corrales y Carolina Cebrino

Project in collaboration with n Tanzhaus - Zurich and L' estruch, Fábrica de creación en Sabadell