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Beatbox workshop

with Ari Tavares
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November 28, 2021

Free workshop upon registration




2 hours

Born in Portugal, Ari Tavares started his music journey during his childhood in Cape Verde, where he specialised in beatbox and percussion. Drawn by samples and frecuencies, through his computer he found a way to produce all types of sounds, from afro jazz to funky tunes, including lo-fi and future rap.

This workshop given by Ari Tavares will introduce participants to the basics of beatboxing, intertwining body and technology as tools for production and sound composition, in a relaxed environment favored by creative freedom, community learning processes and imagination as creation engine
"During the sessions I will share how to be outside the established, 'out of the box'. Create without justifications, without pressure. I will teach you how to teach me, the error as the point where life arises. We will try the impossible, dream outside the established, we will invent new words. Beatbox is just an excuse to be human, to meet you, to create together, to be with your true self...

In the session we will be heading towards trust, love, dreaming big, colors, freedom and unique talent.

I will not teach you beatbox, I will teach you how to beat the box".

Ari Tavares

Ficha artística

Taught by Ari Tavares

Plazo de inscripción

Hasta el 18 de noviembre

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Edad recomendada

A partir de 16 años


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