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Los nadadores diurnos (Salón de belleza)

by José Manuel Mora
Nadadores diurnos ©Javier Naval
February 8
March 5, 2023

Tuesday to Sunday / 7.30pm

February 18 / 8.30pm

135 min
Post-show talk

The beauty salon is run by the son of Jean G. -founder of the Order of the Night-time Swimmers- the child with whom the performance of The Swimmers at Matadero ended and who survived the final attack and burning of the Order. So, in this beauty parlour we will find, on the one hand, the inner story of this child, i. e., the attempt to actually conceive a biological and natural child - with lots of surrealistic medical-logistical ups and downs typical of a screwball comedy - by the author of the play and his German translator; and, on the other hand, the lives of all the characters who flock to this nineteenth-century beauty parlour in search of a release from old pains and, at the same time, to prepare themselves -and to get all dolled up- to cross the threshold. Black humour. Gossip and tittle-tattle. Gossip magazines. Classical cinema. Chopin. Spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Boleros and Radiohead.

To a certain extent, Salón de belleza carries on the original idea of Los nadadores, i.e., we find ourselves with a kaleidoscope of fragments and slices of life of typical characters from our current world who do not quite fit in with the demands of our society and who, in a way, are portrayed as the waste of our own system, in other words, its excrement, that which the system expels as a result of an idea of progress that devours humanities. However, in this case, rather than meeting up in a swimming pool and fucking to the point of exhaustion, these characters meet in a beauty salon, which is a liminal zone, a threshold leading to death -or to a new life-, a spa in which these characters settle accounts with one another and prepare themselves physically and morally to cross over to the other shore. This beauty salon is also a spa in which all those who are tired of the world but who know, in their heart of hearts, that there is nothing more important than caring for one another, find a place to shelter.

WARNING TO THE AUDIENCE: Not recommended for children under the age of 16. We inform our spectators that this show uses strobe lights and therefore may affect people with epilepsy.

Cast and Creative Team

Text and dramaturgy: José Manuel Mora

Directed by: Carlota Ferrer

With Enrico Bárbaro JR, Carlos Beluga, Julia de Castro, Juan Codina, Carlota Ferrer, Tagore González, Manuel Tejera and Alberto Velasco

Lighting design: David Picazo (AAI)

Set design: Eduardo Moreno

Sound design and music: Tagore González

Costume design: Carlota Ferrer

Art assistant: María García-Concha

Assistant director: Manuel Tejera

Dramaturgy special collaboration: Manuel Forcano

Dramaturgy assistant: José Manuel Martín

Italian translation: Antonella Càron

A production by Prevee SL, Draft.Inn and Teatro Español in collaboration with the Teatro Principal de Zamora and the Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid

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