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Leon Impala

Anïmales Mixtøs
II Festival of Music Interpreted by Actors and Actresses
León Impala ©Pau Roca y Tana Capo
February 16, 2022

Leon Impala, a name that refers back to the surnames of its founder members, emerged in Madrid in the winter of 2016 and is the musical project of actors Chema León and Diana Palazón. It wasn’t long before Queque Maroto and Ester Rodríguez joined the project. They released their first full-length album at the end of 2019. Entitled El Plan, it was produced by Raúl Pérez in the Estudios de La Mina (Seville). This new album received really good reviews and lots of our country’s music publications included it in their lists of the most outstanding albums of 2019.

El Plan is the first of the numerous eight-thousander peaks that we can see them climbing in the near future and the fact is, they climbed this one like true experts. Their songs are reverb ladders that lift your feet off the ground, rapturous choruses full of broken chords that ride over sonic walls, reminiscent of the best pop and sustained by the kind of dreamy guitars we might find if we were to put Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and the Cocteau Twins into a melting pot. And faced with an album with such lofty heights of beauty, all I can suggest is that you listen to it as you chew on some sacred herb that can ward off altitude sickness, while you let yourself be rocked by all that Leon Impala has to offer. You’ll thank me for it, and everybody else will thank you if you don’t keep this treasure a secret and pass the word on”.

Jaír Ramírez (Pumuky)

Cast and Creative Team

Diana Palazón (Vocals and keyboards)

Chema León (Guitars and vocals)

Ester Rodríguez (Basses and backing vocals)

Queque Maroto (Drums)