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Queen Lear

by Juan Carlos Rubio in collaboration with Natalia Menéndez based on Shakespeare's play
Queen Lear web ©Esmeralda Martín
September 15
November 6, 2022
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Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm

1 hour 50 min
Post-show talk

What differentiates a king from a queen? Why use the past to discuss complacency and arrogance? Does the exercise of power from the patriarchal model lead to violence or does it seek peace? Is there perhaps a hidden desire to talk about an education that is still prevalent, or does education have nothing to do with power? Perhaps reality has more to do with fragments than with a scenic continuity, or is it that our appetite prompts us to point the magnifying glass where it hurts us or where we find the light?

This is how we imagined the different whys and wherefores, the ones that today urge us to address today the theme of human cruelty reflected in power in all its guises. But, above all, we are determined to propose another kind and specific way of exercising power and its variants. Theatre allows us to hold up a mirror before us and to use it as a reflection, as a possibility of transformation or as a window to freedom, even if it is only so we can shout at the everyday perversity.

I am interested in reflecting how this story forms part of the history of humanity, such is the aesthetic, in consonance with ideas, in a moving, painful space, with a certain idea of rust. Suggesting a recreated nature, while singing at the top of one's lungs in an attempt to find joy with alcohol and sleeping pills. Sadomasochism, blindness in the face of love... everything rotates, until it stops and empties, in a soundscape of profound tragedy.

Even in the largest deserts, some flowers can grow, the most daring ones...

These are some of the reasons for choosing a woman, for choosing this Queen Lear. There’s no more to be said; let us allow the team of creators and actors reveal to us other motivations, passions and ideas that are yet to blossom.

My thanks to Juan Carlos Rubio for having suggested this adventure to me, an adventure that has been searching for dignity for years now.

Natalia Menéndez


WARNING TO THE AUDIENCE: We inform our spectators that this show uses strobe lights and therefore may affect people with epilepsy.

Cast and Creative Team

Text by Juan Carlos Rubio in collaboration with Natalia Menéndez

Directed by: Natalia Menéndez

With Mona Martínez, Beatriz Argüello, Sara Rivero, Amaia Sagasti, Marta Guerras, Lander Otaola and Alberto Jo Lee

Scenic space design: Alfonso Barajas

Costume design: Alberto Valcárcel

Video scene design: Pedro Chamizo

Lighting design: Luis Perdiguero

Sound design and original music: Luis Miguel Cobo 

Stage movement: Mey Ling Bisogno

Assistant director: Pilar Valenciano

Assistant set designer: Laura Ferrón

A production by Teatro Español in coproduction with Entrecajas Producciones Teatrales SL

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Subtitling for the deaf

Amplified sound

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