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Inma Cuevas & Alarmantiks

Anïmales Mixtøs
Festival of Music Interpreted by Actors and Actresses
Inma Cuevas Animales Mixtos ©Bentor Albelo
January 26, 2022

"Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamt about getting up on a stage and singing. I remember sneaking into the assembly hall at my school one break time. Everything was dark but I switched on the lights, grabbed a microphone and started singing to rows and rows of empty stalls, imagining how someday I would fill theatres that would vibrate with me. Singing heals me, it expands me, it leaves me wide open. In the last few years, this dream has begun to come true".

Inma Cuevas’ professional career as a singing actress began when she took part in The Copla Musical, which premiered at The Roundhouse in London. She has also worked in the musical No Way to Treat a Lady, for which she was nominated as best actress in a musical at the Broadway World Spain Awards. After that she went on to work in such shows as M.B.I.G. by José Martret, Comedia Multimedia, directed by Yayo Cáceres and La Casa de los Espíritus, directed by Carme Portaceli. She sang at the opening gala of the San Sebastián International Film Festival in 2020 and at the Anïmales Mixtøs Gala in December 2021 at the Naves del Español at Matadero Madrid.

Two years ago she began working on a show called Ciclos, a dramatised concert in which she sings alongside a band of musicians that goes by the name of Alarmantiks, in what is sure to be the start of a highly fruitful project. And what could be better than being surrounded by her family as she sings? Alarmantiks is formed by Rodrigo Aragón, Gonzalo Aragón, Alonso Aragón, Alex Aragón and Punch Aragón, all of whom are Inma’s cousins and members of one of this country’s most famous artistic families. Working with them has allowed her to embark on a quest for a personal style that has myriad influences "because, like my family, music knows no frontiers".

Cast and Creative Team

Inma Cuevas (singer)

Alonso Aragón (drums and vocals)      

Gonzalo Aragón (guitar and vocals)        

Rodrigo Aragón (bass and vocals)      

Punch Aragón (guitar and vocals)     

Alejandro Aragón (piano and vocals)