Teatro Español y Naves del Español


by Antonio Tavares
Kmedeus Africa Moment ©Edgar de Melo | 'Kmêdeus' en Mercat de les Flors, Africa Moment 2020
November 27, 2021
50 minutos

On the island of São Vicente, in Cape Verde, a homeless person feels enigmatic mystical whispers. Some islanders consider him a lunatic, others an artist or a philosopher, but no one really knows the truth. They only know his name: Kmêdeus, which means "eat god."

Kmêdeus is an exceptional dance piece created in 2003 by the renowned Cape Verdean choreographer António Tavares, based on the life and inner world of the island's iconic character. In 2020, seventeen years after its original conception, António Tavares meets his son, the musical creator Ari Tavares, to recompose the piece, turning Kmêdeus into a key masterpiece for its artistic relevance and genius, which marks a turning point in the history of contemporary performing arts on the continent and in the personal and professional lives of both artists.

With live music-making based on digital loops and spiralling vocal sounds, Kmêdeus proposes a journey into the world of eccentricities, a challenge to the edge of meaning between madness and sanity.