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Conversando con Cecilia

by Lídia Pujol
Conversando con Cecilia - Lídia Pujol. ©Marc Javierre Kohan
February 13, 2022
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90 min

Cecilia's songs encourage us to shun intermediaries -whether they belong to the media, culture, politics, family or religion- in order to ask ourselves who we really are, what we think, and what our deepest desire is. When Lídia Pujol listened to some of those songs, she felt she just had to offer up a personal response to the questions they raise by striking up a conversation with the author.

On the 3rd of October 2017, quite miraculously, a song that Cecilia had composed in 1974 found its way into Lídia Pujol's life and connected to a situation that has repeated itself time and time again throughout natural history: the big fish eats the small fish. Listening to Cecilia, Lídia felt that she was talking directly to her and she decided to establish a conversation with the life and the artistic project of the singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Madrid. With the collaboration of musicians and producers, she has stripped away the songs’ outdated arrangements to allow the lyrics to rise to the surface and to rediscover all the concerns and the great depth that Cecilia poured into them.

Some of these lyrics were mutilated (and some were even prohibited altogether) by Franco's censors: Lídia Pujol recovers the original versions, just as they were composed by Cecilia.

Cast and Creative Team

Creator and director: Lídia Pujol

Music: Cecilia, Oscar Roig

Lyrics: Cecilia, Valle-Inclán, Teresa de Jesús, Jacint Verdaguer, Maria Mercè Marçal

With Lídia Pujol (vocals) y Pau Figueres (guitar)

Musical direction: Dani Espasa / Carlos Monfort

Lighting design: Paco Ariza

Sound: Josep Tresserra

A production by Iter Luminis