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Coronada y el toro

by Francisco Nieva
Spanish Rhapsody
Coronada y el toro
March 17
April 15, 2023

Tuesday to Sunday / 7.30pm

120 min

“Theatre is life in a hallucinatory and intense state...”, says the incomparable Paco Nieva in a poem dedicated to the theatre. When I think of theatre, I always remember this valuable and resonant assertion.

It is exciting for me to summon that hallucinated gaze. A gaze that renews the formal power and content of the avant-garde legacy left to us by Nieva.

Coronada y el toro possesses a poetic and intellectual force rooted in popular theatre - one of the fundamental values in Nieva's furious theatre - which means an encounter between very different types of audiences that are equally happy to sit in the stalls or at a party free of labels. Thankfully, what we actually have here is a symbolic unreality with which we are going to offer the spectator a scenic event of joyful Dionysian instinct.

Ideas such as identity, feminine empowerment, the tireless carnal death and resurrection of Spain, mythology and eroticism, meta-theatricality, ritual, humour and the surreal and the suprareal... will come together to coexist in a show that exudes freedom.

CORONADA: Small is the tight-assed hole, through which I have seen the tantalising shadows of the world pass by, but even so, I have seen them glimpse each other in bursts of light.


Not recommended for children under the age of 16. This show contains scenes that audiences may find disturbing.

Cast and Creative Team

By Francisco Nieva

Directed by: Rakel Camacho

With Lorena Benito, Eva Caballero, Juanfra Juárez, Jorge Kent, Chani Martín, Nerea Moreno, Pedro Ángel Roca, Álvaro Romero, Antonio Sansano, Sanna Toivanen and Germán Vigara

Set design: José Luis Raymond                      

Lighting design: Baltasar Patiño        

Costume design: Ikerne Giménez                                        

Original Music: Pablo Peña                                                     

Choreography: Julia Monje

A production by Teatro Español and SANRA Produce

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