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La habitación blanca

by Josep Maria Miró
La habitación blanca
March 9
April 9, 2023

Tuesday to Sunday / 7.30pm

80 min

Carlos, Laia and Manuel meet Miss Mercedes again, the teacher who taught them to read and write when they were children. A long has gone by since they were kids, perceived as a blank sheet of paper where any dream or aspiration seemed possible. More than twenty-five years have passed and they are now adults in their thirties, well on the way to their forties. Their lives have taken different paths. The apparently chance meeting with Miss Mercedes will prove disturbing and upsetting for each one of them. Looking in the rear-view mirror will open up questions and old wounds. No one has a way out of this re-encounter with the past, neither their former teacher nor any of them. Perhaps there’s no way out for us either.

La habitación blanca invites us to embark on a journey to revisit the intimate and emotional landscapes of childhood: what we wanted and aspired to be and what we have ended up becoming; all those things that, whether willingly or unwillingly, we have decided to leave behind or have simply fallen by the wayside; the memories we have buried simply because we couldn’t cope with them otherwise; the sensation of a time of learning, of absorbing knowledge, experience and beauty but also- and this is true for all of us - of receiving and causing pain.

Miró has written an intimate work that combines drama, humour, tenderness and reflection. The text takes up Sartre's idea that “childhood decides” and puts the magnifying glass on this blank room and foundational space that is childhood.

Drama, humour and tenderness go hand-in-hand in this text by the renowned Catalan playwright, who talks to us about childhood through an apparently chance encounter.

Cast and Creative Team

By Josep Maria Miró

Directed by: Lautaro Perotti

Translation: Eva Vallines Menéndez

With Jon Arias (Carlos), Paula Blanco (Laia), Lola Casamayor (Señorita Mercedes) and Santi Marín (Manuel) 

Scenic space design and costumes: Albert Pascual

Lighting design: Xavi Gardés

A production by Flyhard Producciones SL – Sala Flyhard, with the collaboration of Timbre 4 and with the support of Grec 2020 Festival de Barcelona

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