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El público

by Federico García Lorca
El público ©Luis Castilla
April 20
May 14, 2023

Tuesday to Sunday / 7.30pm

12nd, 13th & 14th May / 5pm

105 min

El público is one of the classics of historical Spanish avant-garde theatre par excellence When Federico García Lorca wrote his most complex and profound work (The Public) around 1930, he set out to completely revolutionise the stage as a playwright.

The work possesses a dazzling poeticism that links it directly to our great classics of the Golden Age.

It is a precursor of the most radical contemporary theatre.

In the play El público, the protagonist is the public itself, the audience, even though the author makes no concessions to it. His creative freedom reaches the highest peaks. He opens up a world to us in which different narrative planes intertwine. Desperate characters in search of love. But a pure love, without limits, without masks. A love that is perhaps only possible in a theatre under the arena, where the truth of the tombs is discovered. Where we can scream and cry for all that lies ahead of us if we are to be true, unique and free.

On several occasions in the play, the author raises the question of bringing truth to the stage. The difficulties and consequences of doing so. Because the great themes that the author touches on are theatre, love and death.

A dramatic poem that confronts us as an audience with ourselves, shaking us to the core. Because Lorca forces us to look over the railing of our abyss. Onwards. Without fear.

Cast and Creative Team

By Federico García Lorca

Direction and dramaturgy: Alfonso Zurro

With Juan Motilla, Luis Alberto Domínguez, Lorena Ávila, Santi Rivera, Raquel de Sola, Piermario Salerno, Íñigo Núñez, Jose María del Castillo and Silvia Beaterio

Scenic space design and costumes: Curt Allen Wilmer and Leticia Gañán

Lighting design: Florencio Ortiz

Sound space and original music composed by: Alejandro Cruz Benavides

Video scene: Fernando Brea

Choreography: Isabel Vázquez

A production by  Teatro Clásico de Sevilla

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