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Romeo y Julieta despiertan...

by E.L. Petschinka
II La Sénior
Romeo y Julieta ©Javier Naval
April 15
June 4, 2023
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Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm

100 min

We all know “the most excellent and lamentable tragedy of Romeo and Juliet”. The lovers who preferred to die together rather than live apart.

Shakespeare says that death is the end of everything and that Romeo and Juliet died in each other’s arms in the mausoleum of Verona. Now, 400 years later, we are going to show you that Shakespeare was wrong: Ana Belén and José Luis are going to tell us the true story of that forbidden love.

Juliet and Romeo awake after a long sleep, but they do not recognise each other. All Julieta sees is a gentleman in his eighties and all Romeo sees is a well-preserved lady. They both think they are still teenagers. Juliet thinks she has just nodded off for a few moments and anxiously awaits the return of her eternal beloved. Romeo, however, remembers nothing. And so, what we always thought was the end of the tragedy is in fact the beginning of the true story of the world’s most famous lovers.

Juliet has to face up to the fact that she is no longer 16 and Romeo has to face the white wall he crashes into as he tries to remember who he is and where he comes from.

Between the happiness of finally being together and the enormous sadness of not having been able to spend their entire lives together, the two lovers try to figure out how they got here and what still unites them.

Ana and José Luis take us by the hand and show us the most enigmatic scenes of the tragedy. They fall in love, they fight duels, they elope, they marry, they sing and dance, they poison each other and, in the end, they die to prove to Shakespeare that death is not the end of everything.

NOTICE TO AUDIENCE: From May 30th to June 4th the role of Romeo will be played by actor Jesús Noguero.

Cast and Creative Team

By E.L. Petschinka

Translation: Luis Carlos Mateo Ruiz

Directed by: Rafael Sánchez

With Ana Belén, José Luis Gómez (from April 15th to May 28th), Jesús Noguero (from 30 May to June 4th), José Luis Torrijo, Irene Rouco and David San José

Scenic space design and costumes: Ikerne Giménez

Lighting design: Carlos Marquerie

Musical direction: David San José

A production by Entrecajas Producciones Teatrales and Teatro Español with the collaboration of Teatro Calderón de Valladolid


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