Teatro Español y Naves del Español

La mirada del avestruz

by Juliana Reyes
La mirada del avestruz ©Carlos Mario Lema
June 12, 2022


Thursday to Sunday / 7:30pm
70 min

The work takes as its starting point the traces left by the violence in Colombia and how forced displacement has been one of the most evident consequences of the armed conflict. The images of violence are unavoidable, although far removed from any literal or partisan denunciation. It is rather a question of observing the way in which bodies are attacked and threatened while they appear to take refuge in an inner world, turning their gaze away from the oppressive reality. Just as the ostrich does when it hides its head in the ground.

The space in which the characters relate to each other and to bodies racked by the strain of uprootedness is a desolate, raw landscape of black earth. Scorched earth that extends like a sepulchral field, inviting the bodies to sink into it, like a seed for the future.

The characters want to speak, they seek words with which to express reality, but they are silenced. The word dies on their lips. It is the world of Chaos before the Word, where sounds jangle with the moaning and rumbling of rage. Confronted with solitude, despite finding themselves alongside other beings like themselves, these characters look for a way out or a reason, they try to flee or shout, but their voice is not heard. The rest is silence.


Cast and Creative Team

Direction and choreography: Tino Fernández

Dramaturgy: Juliana Reyes

Cast: Sara Regina Fonseca, Angela Bello, Luisa Camacho, Vanessa Henríquez, Diana Salamanca, René Arriaga, Wilman Romero, Ángel Ávila and Yeison Fuquene

Lighting design: Humberto Hernández

Scenic space design: Tino Fernández

A production byL´EXPLOSE Danza and Opsis Producciones