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by Poyo Rojo
Physical Theatre
Dystopia ©Poyo Rojo
June 24
July 10, 2022
Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm
60 min
Post-show talk

In Dystopia everyone execrates private property, but secretly works to obtain it. Everyone hates differences, but always tries to be special. Everyone hates money, but once they have it, no one’s giving any away. Everyone abhors religion, but they embrace the dogmas they make up for themselves day in and day out. They all ignore politics, but throughout their lives they do nothing but vote for the same leaders who take turns to hold power. They all consider that studying is the most important thing, but they hate grades.

In Dystopia everyone can be anything they want to be and they can stop being anything they want to be. A place where intolerance is not allowed, except intolerance of the intolerant. And from the centre of this gruesome place, an invisible ivory tower “protects” its entire population.

Cast and Creative Team

A show byPoyo Rojo 

Directed by: Hermes Gaido

With: Alfonso Barón and Luciano Rosso