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Johnny Chico

by Stephen House
III Plataforma
Johnny Chico
May 14, 2023

Ticket, 15€

3 shows, 12€ ticket

6 shows, 10€ ticket

Wednesday to Sunday / 7.30pm
80 min

There are no concessions in Johnny Chico, but nor is there any forgiveness. This is just another story of a guy who doesn’t fit into the reality he’s living in, but even so, just gets on with trying to survive the world around him. He is searching for the same thing that, deep down, we are all searching for: to be loved and accepted.

Every two days a homosexual is murdered somewhere in the world as the result of homophobia. All too often, homosexuals suffer aggression and even lose their lives at the hands of groups of people or individuals who have their own sexual identity issues.

Johnny Chico is clearly just another victim of a kind of behaviour we hear about on the news every time we sit down to dinner. Just another fairy who needs a good beating to shut him up good and proper, just for loving in an unconventional way. 

So what about us, the audience? We just sit there and watch Johnny’s plight, but we don’t help him escape. We let him get on with it, lost and frightened, alone and aimless as he is. Johnny’s downfall is that he is who he is but what would happen if he was one of us? One of our relatives? Or our son?  

Johnny Chico is a fuck gender ode in the fight against LGTBIQ+ phobia. Because it really doesn’t matter who you are or what you wear or what you want to be: a him or a her, a man or a woman, because in the end we’re all the same when we get naked.

Ficha artística

By: Stephen House

Directed by: Eduard Costa

With: Víctor Palmero 

Lighting design: Mundi Gómez

Sound design: Juanjo Ballester

Videomapping: Lluerna Creació, Carlos Monfort, Electirk Five

Space design: Luis Crespo

Costume design: Eli Perucha

A production by Moriarty & Holmes 

Edad recomendada

Espectáculo recomendado para mayores de 16 años