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Cucaracha con paisaje de fondo

by Mujer En Obras
III Plataforma
Cucaracha con paisaje de fondo ©Laura de la Isla
May 21, 2023

Ticket, 15€

3 shows, 12€ ticket

6 shows, 10€ ticket

Wednesday to Sunday / 7.30pm
95 min

An isolated spa where women who can’t have children go to take the water. A shabby dump of a place inhabited by nurses and patients, women endlessly waiting, suspended in time, women whose personal safety will be endangered by the arrival of an undesirable visitor.

The maternal urge and the extinction of the human being as the ultimate conclusion of environmentalism on Earth. These are just some of the core themes explored by the Mujer En Obras company in this original work that combines verse and prose. Guided by a chorus akin to those of the Greek classics, the characters will use this dialectical convention to pursue their intrigues and play out a game of tragedy, poetry and the comedy of the absurd.

The text of this five-act play reflects on the logics that underpin mankind’s continued existence on the planet, raising doubts as to our unassailable status as a superior species. Questions left hanging and a lack of meaning or moral will gradually transform a series of characters who will cease to be heroes and instead abandon themselves to an entirely unavoidable pathos.

Mujer En Obras was created in 2016 as a project of collective creation that chooses women as the source and catalyst of fiction. In its efforts to discover a new spectrum of female characters, the company seeks to explore the archetypes that colonize our fictions by bringing many other women to the stage. Safe in the knowledge that in their individual peculiarities, each one of them embodies the artistic themes that beckon us.

Ficha artística

Direction and dramaturgy: Javier Ballesteros

With: Javier Ballesteros, Laura Barceló, Eva Chocrón, Virginia de la Cruz, Matilde Gimeno, María Jáimez y June Velayos

Space and costume design: Pablo Chaves

Music: Isabel Arranz

Production coordinator: Raúl de la Torre

Lighting design: Juan Seade

Photos: Laura de la Isla y Oliver Roma

Assistant director: Víctor Nacarino

A production by Mujer En Obras

Acknowledgements: Bárbara Santa-Cruz, Violeta Orgaz, Pilar Bergés, Kira Anzizu, Inés Higueras, Ernesto Artillo, Francisco Javier García, Chema Noci, Ernesto Naranjo, Álvaro Moreno, Nave73, Antiel Jiménez, Familia García-Velayos, Blanco Choya, Silvia Magallares, Teloputodije