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La carne

by Paula Quintana
III Plataforma
La Carne ©Auditorio de Tenerife_Miguel Barreto
April 30, 2023

Ticket, 15€

3 shows, 12€ ticket

6 shows, 10€ ticket


Wednesday to Sunday / 7.30pm

60 min

La carne (The Flesh) is the second part of a trilogy about the rebirth and uplifting of bodies that began with The Joys (Las alegrías) in 2019.

An interdisciplinary piece which features the participation of talented local young people who have previously taken part in the Warm Up the Flesh (Calentar la carne) workshop.

The work revolves around the autobiographical story of Camille: an anonymous and resilient woman of the future who, together with her contemporaries, stands up to the world to usher in a new era of human and planetary transformation. Bodies, text, light and electronic music fashion an epic fable of science fiction with which to consider the times in which we live and the times that are to come in a fleshy, philosophical and poetic way.

We reclaim our resilient, politicized and free bodies, abandoning ourselves to whatever time we have left to live, to this 21st century that is just as decadent as it is full of hope, just as rich in fantasy as it is lacking in imagination. Times of growing empowerment whereby we cease to be objects and instead become subjects able to rekindle the narration of our own days. The only possible days for us and our flesh in this our story that we will invent and raise up, once again, on its own ruins.

Ficha artística

Creation and performance: Paula Quintana

Dramaturgy, text and artistic accompaniment: Javier Cuevas

With Paula Quintana, Daniel Hernández y Elena Quesada

Lighting and space design: Cube bz

Original music and on-stage DJ: José Pablo Polo

Costume design: Amuhaici Luis y Aurelia Gil

Production: Paula Quintana