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¿Café con azúcar?

by Laia Rica
Biographical-documentary performance art with materials
III Plataforma
¿Café con azúcar? ©Pablo Hassmann
May 7, 2023

Ticket, 15€

3 shows, 12€ ticket

6 shows, 10€ ticket

Thursday to Sunday  / 7.30pm
60 min

¿Café con azúcar? uses coffee grounds and candy floss, biographical fragments and historical sources, video art and live music to create a forceful, visually powerful production about the consequences of colonialism.

Coffee and sugar—in their various states— are the materials that define the performance space, forming the basis of an exploration of German immigration in Central America and the colonial structures that still remain today. At the same time, the production makes a theme of the daily consumption of these two products, which are part of the Western lifestyle.

Laia Ribera Cañénguez is an artist who grew up in El Salvador and Germany. She studied at the German School of San Salvador, where she experienced first-hand the persistence of the colonial habitus in the present. Moving between these two worlds, Laia experiences the clash between them and lives with the constant suspicion that she is betraying her roots.

Ficha artística

Dramaturgy and co-stage direction: Laia Ribera Cañénguez

Co-stage direction: Antonio Cerezo

With: Laia Ribera Cañénguez. KMZ Kollektiv

Live music: Yahima Piedra Córdova

Video art on stage: Daniela del Pomar

Space design: Marian Nketiah

Lighting design: Vanessa Farfán

Dramaturgical consultation: Ruschka Steininger

Production assistant: Rodrigo Zorzanelli Cavalcanti