Teatro Español y Naves del Español


by Camille Berthelot
III Plataforma
Maryvonne ©Matthieu Cauchy
April 23, 2023

Ticket, 15€

3 shows, 12€ ticket

6 shows, 10€ ticket

Thursday to Sunday  / 7.30pm
55 min

Maryvonne replays the videotaped conversation between a grandmother and her granddaughter who came to reconnect on the large living room table around a stack of books, coffee and cigarettes. Throughout the interview, with modesty, the two women reconnect when they no longer expected it and indulge in what they never said to each other. How to concretize this need to go to speak suddenly ? How to speak of intimacy without rushing it ? On a thread, this interview tries to address the unspoken disappearance and the construction of family ties.

NOTICE: show in French with subtitles in Spanish

Ficha artística

Written and directeb by: Camille Berthelot

Dramaturgy: Lucas Samain

With Alma Livert and Maryvonne Berthelot (video)

Edition: Camille Berthelot and Vojta Janiska

A production by La Compagnie Les Habitantes