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El sueño de la razón

by Antonio Buero Vallejo
El sueño de la razón ©marcosGpunto
June 9
July 9, 2023
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Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm

110 min
Post-show talk

If we combine the title of Buero’s play with the Goya painting that inspired it, El sueño de la razón produce monstruos, could there be anything more relevant nowadays, sad though it is to say?

Astonished by and ashamed of our loss of reason, we contemplate a blurring of thought, of rational thought, which is turning our society into a collective, dull and drowsy being.

Buero wrote his play in 1970, so what on earth would he have written today if he could see this lack of intelligence, where complex situations receive simple and frivolous answers designed to cover up discernment, the only weapon available to human beings if we are to understand and be able to make a choice?

From Goya to Buero, all the way up to the present day, this is the path we want to follow; we want it to be a mirror in which our people can see a reflection of their mindless and stupid behaviour. An ode to thought, to reason, to the enlightenment of the mind that lets us see through the cloak of darkness that is cast over us by the lies they create for us, without shame and without the false glitter of adulterated truths.

Buero speaks to us, with pain, with profound pain, through historical and invented characters, about ourselves from a certain time in the past, and he did so to avoid censorship, that monster of reason, which today, crouching, continues to bare its claws. But this is the eternal Spain that has always been condemned to ostracism and ignorance. Anything to stop us from thinking. To numb our reason. Thank you, Buero.

José Carlos Plaza

Cast and Creative Team

By Antonio Buero Vallejo

Adaptation and direction: José Carlos Plaza

With Ana Fernández (Leocadia), María Heredia (Emiliana, Gata), Chema León (El Rey, Sargento), Carlos Martínez-Abarca (Arrieta), Montse Peidro (Gumersinda), Álvaro Pérez (Andrés. Cerdo. Voluntario), Marco Pernas (Voz. Cornudo. Voluntario), Fernando Sansegundo (Goya), Jorge Torres (Duaso) and Steve Lance (Blasito. Cerdo. Voluntario) 

Set design and lighting design: Javier Ruiz de Alegría

Sound design: Arsenio Fernández

Costume design: Gabriela Salaverri

Audiovisuals design: Álvaro Luna

Music: Arsenio Fernández and Jesús Serrano

Director assistant: Steven Lance Ernst

Deputy director: Jorge Torres


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