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Burdina / Hierro

by Adriana Bilbao & Beñat Achiary
Burdina Hierro
November 7, 2021
8 > 22€
Friday To Sunday / 7pm

This is the story of a woman who migrates from Andalusia to the mining area of Gallarta. The news of a tragedy plunges her into a maelstrom of sadness and despair, forcing her to seek refuge in memory.

Loss in a strange land takes centre stage, until she finally faces up to her misfortune, asserting herself as an empowered woman in a strange land, whole and self-sufficient. We discuss life and death, the need to leave home, integration, love, the role of women, loss, pain and overcoming adversity, all in the specific context of the Basque mining industry. It is a poetic and emotional work that alternates between the present and the past, the now and the memory, the here and the there.

The noise of the drill against the stone, flamenco, Basque culture, creation and improvisation, tradition and the most powerful modernity... in a tribute to those men and women who came from far away, especially from Andalusia, to work in the mines of Biscay.

A show that includes music and dance, framed within a mining and industrial context. The mine as a bond and a recognition of the figure of the worker, of the migrant, and of a reality of north-south interaction and enrichment between different cultures.

Burdina - Hierro also unearths the testimony of the women of the time, a testimony that has remained somewhat hidden. She is the only one who dances in the show, alone, powerful, in an intimate yet universal work, performed by a cast of well-known actors and with a powerful and surprising staging, where miners hacking away at stone coexist quite naturally on stage with the rhythms of flamenco palos (forms).

Cast and Creative Team

Stage direction: Adriana Bilbao & Beñat Achiary

Choreography: Adriana Bilbao

Musical direction: Beñat Achiary

Dance: Adriana Bilbao

Music: Beñat Achiary (voice), Guilhem Tarroux (guitar), Michel Queuille (piano) y Raúl Micó (flamenco singing)

Miners: Ander Ezeiza, Koldo Plazas and Luis Mariano Casillas

Text: Gabriel Aresti, Itxaro Borda and Raúl Micó

Lighting design: Álvaro Estrada

Costume design: Fran López Del Cerro