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La lluvia amarilla

by Jesús Arbués, based on the novel of the same name by Julio Llamazares
La lluvia amarilla_  ©Jesús Arbués
November 4
December 12, 2021

Tuesday to Sunday / 7:30pm

1 hour 25 min

“The days were long and languid, and sadness and silence swept over Ainielle like an avalanche. I would spend hours wandering around the houses, exploring the stables and the rooms, and sometimes, when dusk lingered timidly among the trees, I would light a fire with some boards and scraps of paper and sit in a doorway and talk to the ghosts of its former inhabitants". And now that death has come prowling round the door of this room and the air is gradually leaving a yellow hue on my eyes, I can even console myself with the thought that they are there, sitting by the fire, waiting for the moment when my shadow will be reunited with theirs for evermore”.

Julio Llamazares’ novel La Lluvia Amarilla (The Yellow Rain) was published in 1988, and 17 years after having been wiped off the map, Ainielle once again began to be written about in letters, only now in the letters of people who love to read. Julio Llamazares set the plot of this novel in this village, and lent a face to one of the most heart-rending dramas that the land of Spain has undergone since the post-war period: depopulation. Empty villages, houses in ruins, collapsed roofs, terraces overrun by weeds, broken glass, chimneys that went out long ago... This is the reality of a large part of our country’s interior. Just as the weeds eat away at the stone walls of houses, the lack of inhabitants eats away at the memory of places. In contrast, cities are becoming more and more populated, less and less human... cities without memory. Let us first of all rescue the memory of those villages that are about to be erased from the maps.

Cast and Creative Team

A show based on the novel of the same name by Julio Llamazares

Adapted and directed by Jesús Arbués

With Ricardo Joven and Alicia Montesquiu

Audiovisual design and mapping: David Fernández and Óscar Lasaosa

Set design: Jesús Arbués

Lighting design: Sergio Iguacel

Sound effects: Nacho Moya

Costume design: Sara Bonet

A production by Corral de García

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Magnetic loop

Subtitling for the deaf

Amplified sound

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