Teatro Español y Naves del Español

Rocío Molina

Trilogía sobre la guitarra
December 19, 2021
Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm

Vuelta a uno (10 - 15 december)

Performers: Rocío Molina (Dance) and Yerai Cortés (Guitar)

A co-production between Danza Molina S.L.and Teatro Español

Vuelta a uno is the piece that turns this path into a triangle, the third vertex that interconnects and creates different possible routes.

When the triad closes, everything becomes the narrative of the plasticity of circular time that pushes towards death yet at the same time towards birth: departure, journey and arrival; departure, search and encounter; beginning, maturation and end.

Being One. Being for another. Being in us.

The final stop of this Trilogy aspires to savour the pure creative act at the heart of Flamenco. The enjoyment of this common language from which flows the miraculous communication between guitar, voice and body.

In this way the Trilogy becomes the Beginning of the uncommon, solitary creation, the birth of the One, and thus the triad is completed, when it goes, it comes back and vice versa.



Inicio (uno) (16 and 17 december)

Performers: Rocío Molina (Dance) and Rafael Riqueni (Guitar)

A production by Danza Molina S.L.

By the imperative of balance and delicately supported by nothing more than Riqueni’s fragile strings, the flamenco dancer unfurls a movement that emanates from her extreme attention to subtlety.

In dialogue with the sound poetry of the maestro, her dance externalises a lyrical response, of marked sensitivity, which reveals a different organic awareness, capable of returning to the fusion with otherness through spontaneity and the connection with the mystery of nature itself with no rational inhibition.



Al fondo Riela (Lo otro del Uno) (18 and 19 december)

Performers: Rocío Molina (Dance) Eduardo Trassierra and Yerai Cortés (Guitars)

A production by Danza Molina S.L. co-produced with Chaillot, Théâtre National de la Danse (Paris), Teatros del Canal (Madrid), the Seville Flamenco Biennial, Théâtre de Nîmes, Scène Conventionnée d’intérêt national – art et création - Danse Contemporaine, Scène Nationale Sud Aquitain

The Other awaits something, threatens, his affection is the object of desire.

The Other inaugurates the gaze on one's own image and turns us into a reflection in the mirror of the world, where we only project the light, denying us the shadow.

To be for the Other is to cease to be One, to begin to wallow in comparison and envy, the mother of vanity and its masks and daughters of deprivation.

Cast and Creative Team

Original Idea, artistic direction and choreography: Rocío Molina

Performers: Rocío Molina (Dance) y Yerai Cortés (Guitar)