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Run Baby Run

by Fátima Delgado
Run baby run
February 22
March 24, 2024
Martes a domingo / 19:30h
Post-show talk

gender discrimination in sport. A reflection on how hard we can fight without betraying our principles.

Alba is a successful athlete: she strives for victory and trains hard to achieve it. She is the favourite to make it to the podium, but an unexpected event interrupts her career. A few months before the Olympic Games, the athlete is suspended from official competition. For Alba, running is breathing, and in that moment, her world falls apart. Accompanied by her inseparable coach, she finds herself at a crossroads where she has to fight to fulfil her dream without turning her back on her true self.

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: this show uses strobe light devices which may affect people with epilepsy problems

Ficha artística

Texto Fátima Delgado

Dirección Jana Pacheco

Con Alba Loureiro, Camila Bossa, Celina Fernández Ponte y Daniel Méndez

Diseño de iluminación Juan Gómez Cornejo (AAI)

Diseño de espacio escénico Alessio Meloni

Diseño de vestuario Pier Paolo Álvaro y Roger Portal Cervera

Música original y espacio sonoro Fernando Epelde

Coreografía Greta García

Ayudante de dirección Vicky Peinado Vergara / Laura Míguez

Residente ayudantía de dirección Teatro Español Cristina Hermida

Una coproducción de Teatro Español, Centro Dramático Galego (CDG), Meninas Teatro y Proversus

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Subtitling for the deaf

Amplified sound

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