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Instructions on how to Survive in the Dark (Instrucciones para sobrevivir en lo oscuro)

by Club Caníbal
Instrucciones para sobrevivir en lo oscuro Club Caníbal
March 14
April 7, 2024

Tuesday to Sunday / 7.30pm


Post-show talk

The government is set on closing the well that is the source of wealth for Villanueva, a small village on the edge of a large Natural Park.

But Julián, the newly elected mayor, is determined to keep his promise to the villagers: the well will be legalised no matter how much the government or the European Union go on about the blessed climate change and how the persimmon crops are drying up the Natural Park. That’s nothing but a lie designed to benefit the birds and the vermin that eat his crops.

But try as he might, Julián can't find an administrative loophole through which to legalise the well, so he hatches a plan to make sure they don’t get their hands on the Natural Park’s water, and to revive something that happened a long time ago on the site where the well is today: an apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Thus, by the work and grace of the Virgin Mary, the water that flows from the well is transformed into Holy Water. And the well itself becomes a place of pilgrimage, far from the clutches of the government.

But perhaps the water of the Park is not, as some say, inexhaustible?

Ficha artística

Direction and dramaturgy Chiqui Carabante

Text by Juan Vinuesa, Vito Sanz, Font García y Chiqui Carabante

Cast Font García, Vito Sanz y Juan Vinuesa

Scenic space design Walter Arias

Scenic space design assistant Víctor Longás

Diseño de vestuario Salvador Carabante

Lighting design Benito Jiménez

Music composed and performed live by Pablo Peña

Production (Club Caníbal) Marisa Pino

A coproduction by Teatro Español and Triple F 

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Audio description

Magnetic loop

Subtitling for the deaf

Amplified sound

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