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It’s Dangerous to Look Outside (Es peligroso asomarse al exterior)

by Enrique Jardiel Poncela
Es peligroso asomarse
January 25
February 25, 2024
De 6 a 22€
Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm  
2 horas 5 minutos aprox.
Post-show talk

Enrique Jardiel Poncela’s comedy is built on this guiding principle: “No one is what they are: everyone is what others see in them. Every human being is a mixture, and, like a chemical agent, this mixture reacts to external factors. Depending on his or her nature, qualities and personality, he or she is not the same for all other human beings”.

A woman falls in love with three men in three different places in the world in a short space of time. In three different places, three men fall in love with the same woman. Isabel, the main character in the play, doesn’t have three different personalities; and the three men, for their part, don’t have three totally different personalities, they simply adopt and take on the personality that Isabel “gives” to each of them, the one she “sees” in them. She is very clear about this: she insists that she “wasn’t pretending” when she changed when she was with Gerardo, Federico and Mariano, it was just that, without meaning to, she found herself being “the way they wanted me to be”.

Ficha artística

De Enrique Jardiel Poncela

Versión y Dirección Pilar Massa

Con Jacinto Bobo, Katia Borlado, César Camino, Raúl Fernández de Pablo, Daniel Freire, Elena González, Malena Gutiérrez, Paco Ochoa, Guillermo Manuel Ortega, Lucía Quintana, Cynthia Rosado, Guillermo de los Santos, Raquel Varela y Samuel Viyuela González

Diseño de espacio escénico Estudiodedos (AAPEE)

Diseño de vestuario Rafael Garrigós

Diseño de iluminación Olga García (AAI)

Música original y espacio sonoro Ester Rodríguez

Lucha escénica Jesús Esperanza y Kike Inchausti

Ayudante de escenografía: Laura Ordás 

Ayudante de vestuario Rosa Pérez Rocha.

Ayudante de dirección: Víctor Barahona

Residentes de ayudantía de dirección Teatro Español Cristina Simón Alcaine y Mariana Kmaid Levy

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