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El pozo de los mil demonios

by Maribel Carrasco
Family Theater
El pozo de los mil demonios
December 16, 2022
January 15, 2023

Tuesday to Sunday / 6pm

From December 22 to January 3 / 5pm

60 min
Post-show talk

All of us who live on Earth spring from clay, which is why our pitcher is like our soul and we must make sure that it is always full so that we do not dry up.

Jacinta, the protagonist of our story, will hear these words from her Granny and, when her pitcher is stolen, she will have to embark on a journey of learning to discover and recognise herself, overcoming obstacles and trials and taking responsibility for saving herself and all of us from DROUGHT. A journey to also make us actively recognise NATURE as part of our being.

Of all that we forget or lose, what is really worth recovering to such an extent that we have to embark on a journey into the confines of the unknown?

The recovery of cultural identity, historical and even family memory. The recovery of something as vital as WATER, the source of life.

This text is a key reference in the field of dramatic literature for children in Mexico. Its author, Maribel Carrasco, describes it as an Alice in Wonderland set in the Mexican imaginary and cultural identity. It is a fantasy in black and white, the creation of an austere and incomplete world that demands from the spectator, whether a child or an adult, their active, intelligent and free participation.

It is a tale of childhood to be shared with the family, where dreams and memories intertwine. A symbiosis between reality and fantasy that takes place at the bottom of a dry well, an arid Mexican landscape that reminds us of Juan Rulfo’s legendary settings, but which is not far removed from many of our landscapes in need of water.

With an aesthetic based on magical realism and alive with metaphors and symbols, this story will unfold through Karlik danza-teatro’s very own language, with gestures, words, video-scenes and sound- and lightscapes.

Cast and Creative Team

By Maribel Carrasco

Directed by: Cristina D. Silveira

With Elena Rocha, Mamen Godoy, Jorge Barrantes, Iván Luis and Sergio Barquilla

Music: Álvaro Rodríguez Barroso

Scenic space design: La Nave del Duende

Costume design: Patricio Luengo

Masks and props: Chloé Bucas

Video-scenes and illustration: Alex Carot / Félix Méndez

Choreography: Cristina D. Silveira

A production by Karlik danza-teatro, Teatro Español y Junta de Extremadura

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