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La infamia

by Lydia Cacho
La infamia ©María La Cartelera
December 9, 2021
January 16, 2022



Tuesday to Sunday / 7:30pm

From December 22nd to January 4th / 8:30pm

75 min
Post-show talk

WARNING TO THE AUDIENCE: Performances from December 9 to January 2 will be performed by Marta Nieto. Performances from January 4 to 16 will be performed by Marina Salas.

The governor of a Mexican state teams up with a businessman and pays a group of policemen to travel to the other side of the country to kidnap a journalist who has published a book in which she accuses them of trafficking in young girls. These policemen can “legally” kidnap her, torture her, kill her by the roadside and dump her body in the sea where no one will probably ever find it. They can unleash horror and get completely away with it. Or perhaps not...

In the most dangerous country in the world for journalists and activists, some women are standing up to the growing political power of organised crime. One of them is Lydia Cacho, who has taken a stand against politicians, gangsters, paedophiles and murderers of women. This play is based on her biography: Memorias de una Infamia in which she describes the modus operandi of a government that is complicit in the corruption and the violence, as well as the courageous testimony of women and girls from her country. 

Based on Memorias de una Infamia, by Lydia Cacho, winner of the Harold Pinter Prize for International Writer of Courage in the United Kingdom. 

Cast and Creative Team

By: Lydia Cacho

Adapted by: Lydia Cacho and José Martret

Directed by: José Martret  

With: Marta Nieto (9 diciembre a 2 enero) and Mariana Salas (4 al 16 enero)

Costume and scene design: Alessio Meloni

Lighting design: David Picazo

Sound design: Sandra Vicente

Video design: Emilio Valenzuela 

Camara assistant: Alicia Aguirre Polo

Assistant director: Pedro Ayose

A production byTeatro Español and Producciones Come y Calla

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