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¿Cuándo viene Samuel?

by Ultramarinos de Lucas
Family Theater
¿Cuándo viene Samuel?
November 21, 2021


Tuesday to Sunday / 6:30pm
60 min

As they wait for Samuel to arrive for a party, two men are playing on a swing. The Teacher happens by, gives them a lesson and goes on his way.

Time marches on, it never stops marching on, it never stops marching on, never...

And they wait another day.

But what if today was already tomorrow?

Riding on the swing, perhaps they can escape.


We wonder, based on the most radical and absurd dramatic play, about the mystery of the passage of time in childhood.

A girl and a boy live with infinite astonishment a present that escapes them while they play at life. This astonishment spurs them to discover things through the games that accompany them in their first years of life: they play in order to know, to learn, to relate to each other, to grow.

This is what happens in ¿Cuándo Viene Samuel?: play is the real protagonist of this work, conceived as a permanent party while we wait to celebrate another party.

We propose that the theatre offers boys and girls the opportunity to contemplate on stage the story of two men who wait with enthusiasm.

Let’s allow the spectator to wait with them for Samuel to turn up, a light at the end of the road, a possibility, a hope.

Cast and Creative Team

Dramaturgy Ultramarinos de Lucas

Directed by Juan Berzal

With: Juan Berzal, Juam Monedero y Jorge Padín

Original music composed by Nacho Ugarte

Costume design Martín Nalda

Set design Juam Monedero

Lighting design Juan Berzal

A co-production between Ultramarinos de Lucas and Teatro Español

Teatro Accesible

Audio description

Magnetic loop

Subtitling for the deaf

Amplified sound

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