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En tierra extraña

by Juan Carlos Rubio
Musical theatre
En tierra extraña
November 11, 2021
January 2, 2022
6 > 22€
Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm
1 hour 35 min
Post-show talk

Concha Piquer has wanted to meet Federico García Lorca for quite some time. No wonder; he is after all, the most sought after poet of the time and she Spain’s most famous singer. They just have to meet. A woman who is used to managing her destiny and to never receiving a no for an answer, she asks her colleague Rafael de León to arrange a meeting with the poet at the Teatro Español in Madrid, where she is rehearsing for her next concert. She wants to ask him to write a song for her.

Federico accepts the invitation. On the one hand, he adores the singer’s voice and, on the other, he is keen to make some money which, together with the theatre, would allow him to lead the lifestyle he has always dreamed of and which he is at last beginning to enjoy. That said, he has heard so much (and not always good) about the artist from Valencia that he turns up at the meeting with certain misgivings, a great deal of curiosity (and rather late).

Even so, once they are face to face, they lay their cards out on the table. The real reason for this encounter is to warn Federico that the situation in the country is irreversible. Concha has it on good authority that his name features on several blacklists. “People like him” should flee the country as soon as possible. For their own safety. Federico doesn’t think there’s going to be a bloodbath, everything will settle down, he says.

However, a terrible event, the murder of José del Castillo just a few metres from the theatre makes Federico reconsider his situation. Perhaps he should flee after all. Concha tells him that she can get him on board a flight to Mexico right then and there. There isn’t a minute to lose. But the poet is not so sure that this is his destiny. Spain is his homeland. And in Spain he will never feel that he is IN A FOREIGN LAND.

Juan Carlos Rubio

Cast and Creative Team

Original idea: José María Cámara and Juan Carlos Rubio

Text: Juan Carlos Rubio

With: Diana Navarro, Alejandro Vera and Avelino Piedad

Lighting design: Paloma Parra

Set design: Estudiodedos Curt Allen Wilmer (AAPEE) and Leticia Gañán

Costume design: Ana Llena

Make-up design: Chema Noci

Sound design: Javier Isequilla

Choreography: José Antonio Torres

Assistant director: Marisa Pino

A production by SOM Produce and Teatro Español

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Magnetic loop

Subtitling for the deaf

Amplified sound

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