Teatro Español y Naves del Español


by Emma Riverola
Puertas abiertas ©Geraldine Leloutre
April 1
May 2, 2021




Tuesday to Sunday / 7:30pm



Among other things, theatre should stir up feelings and generate debate.

The story we are going to tell is charged with tension and, as a result, with emotion. And it also includes some breath-taking plot twists. 

Puertas abiertas [Open Doors] talks about one of the greatest conflicts in today's world: Islamic terrorism. It is a conflict we know first-hand; one we have experienced, we have read about, and about which we have an opinion.

Some of our opinions may be based on stereotypes and prejudices. This work questions those stereotypes and prejudices in a dialogue between two individuals, members of the two opposing communities.

We don’t know anything about them except for what they tell us, and what they tell us is full of unanswered questions. Don’t believe for a minute that this is a conflict between good guys and bad guys. 

How easy and uninteresting it would be to live with our doors closed to the unknown! We prefer to open them wide and let life walk in
Abel Folk


Cast and Creative Team
Direction: Abel Folk
Text by: Emma Riverola  
Cast: Cayetana Guillén Cuervo y Ayou El Hilali  
Scenic design: Paco Azorín
Costume design: Patricia Monné
Sound design: Jordi Collet
Movement: Ariadna Peya

A co-production of Hold-Principal SL, Focus and Teatro Español