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LOVE, LOVE, CATASTROPHE. Pedro Salinas between two women

Estival Producciones
Date5 - 23 MAY



8:30pm / SUNDAYS  7:30pm

1hour 30min

In 1979, the Houghton Library at Harvard University received a mysterious donation: a package labelled “Letters from Pedro Salinas to Katherine Whitmore”. It contains an instruction that it should not be opened until twenty years have gone by. When the time comes, along with the letters, what comes to light is the passionate hidden relationship between the great poet and a teacher of Spanish, which gave rise to the 20th century’s most important trilogy of love poetry in the Spanish language.

This is the starting point of Love, Love, Catastrophe. Underlaid by these verses by Salinas, the story tells how Katherine Whitmore and Pedro Salinas met in the summer of 1932 - a meeting that changed his life and also that of the poet's wife, Margarita Bonmatí, forever.

The play invites the audience to gaze into the beauty and the abyss of a relationship that also has extraordinary historical and literary relevance.

A production by Ainhoa Amestoy y Alejandro de Juanes. Estival Producciones

Artistic and technical sheet
Direction:  Ainhoa Amestoy Dramaturgy: Julieta Soria
Cast: Juan Cañas, Pedro Salinas Lidia Navarro, Katherine Whitmore Lidia Otón, Margarita Bonmatí

Costumes        Sastrería Cornejo
Lighting            Marta Graña
Composition and musical direction   Blanca Trabalón y Juan Cañas
Stage design based on an original idea by Elisa Sanz developed by Paula Castellano y Estival Producciones