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By Julián Ortega
Ira ©Javier Naval
March 31
April 18, 2021

5 - 22 euros




In the middle of the night, Dolores calls her son Salvador to ask him to come home to see her; she has something urgent to tell him. Salvador, who is going to be promoted the next day, is in no mood to be distracted. However, what his mother is about to tell them will turn their lives upside down; they will not be able to escape their tragic yet somewhat grotesque fate.

Was his father his real father? But what torments Salvador the most is whether his mother will end up locked up in a mental hospital or if she’ll go directly to jail?

With lots of suspense sprinkled with a good dose of black humour, IRA is about desperation and ambition. It’s a headlong dash; a house already lost whose protagonists struggle not to get even more lost. A “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow” as Macbeth would say.

A production by LAZONA

Artistic and technical sheet
Direction:  Dan Jemmett Author: Julián Ortega
Cast: Gloria Muñoz Julián Ortega

Lighting design                                Felipe Ramos
Stage design and costumes      Vanessa Actif
Director’s assistant                      Christopher Knighton



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