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En palabras de Jo... Mujercitas

version by Lola Blasco
En palabras de Jo... Mujercitas ©Esmeralda Martín
October 10
November 8, 2020

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Tuesday to Saturday / 8pm
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1h y 45min
Post-show talk

En palabras de Jo... Mujercitas [In Jo’s Words… Little Women] narrates the writing process of the celebrated work by Louisa May Alcott that has so profoundly influenced different women in subsequent generations. Thus, drawing from the writer’s other works (also her plays and erotic novels) and her firm political and feminist convictions, we again revisit the famous Little Women in the here and now, from a perspective of irony, of double entendre, reading between the lines... from a perspective of what perhaps... in light of the author’s biography... we think she wanted to say.
Lola Blasco

When I was five years old, my mother read Little Women to me, and when I turned ten, she gave me my own copy so that I could read it myself. It was the early 70s, and that world of the March family women dazzled me. The image of Jo up in a tree reading a book stayed with me forever. Over time, I realised that this was a shared experience. Almost all the girls I have known remember something special associated with reading it. And over the years, that list has only grown in the world of culture: artists such as Gertrude Stein, Patti Smith, Simone de Beauvoir and Joyce Carol Oates sing its praises sincerely. And the beautiful thing is that behind their words one senses a recognition of indebtedness to this work that marked their lives in some way. How could it positively influence the lives of so many women, including the author of The Second Sex? What is so special about Little Women? My response to these undeniably evocative questions is to throw myself into the adventure of directing this new rereading of a women's literature and world literature classic.
Pepa Gamboa

Cast and Creative Team

Direction: Pepa Gamboa

Version by: Lola Blasco

By: Louisa May Alcott

Cast: Paula Muñoz, María Pizarro, Carolina Rubio, Clara Sanchis, Maite Sandoval y Andrea Trepat

Scenic design: Antonio Marín

Lighting design: Juanjo Llorens (A.A.I.)

Costume design: Guadalupe Valero

Original music: Luis Miguel Cobo

Director’s assistant and stage movement: María Cabeza de Vaca

Director’s assistant: Julen G. 

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