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Elogio de la estupidez

by Darío Facal
Elogio de la estupidez ©David Palazón
November 27, 2022
Tuesday to Sunday / 7.30pm
120 min
Post-show talk

Three friends who share an apartment try to survive friendship, love, burgers, raves, their parents' opinion, rent prices, and in summary, life. Elogio de la estupidez is a satire that dives into all the contradictions that most of us have to face in this time of crisis and fanaticism. A fun generational portrait that dares to speak humorously about dogmatism, oppression, censorship, intransigence, evasion, morality and, ultimately, about all the deprivation of the contemporary world.

Based on Flaubert's brilliant and uncompromising novel Bouvard and Pécuchet and snatching the title from Erasmus of Rotterdam, cautionary tale against our own enlightened stupidity, since, due to Google and Twitter, we're all arguing morons. This show is an apology for the inevitable stupidity and helplessness of all of us who have to live confused in the ideological chaos of today's society.

Elogio de la estupidez is also a song of love and contempt towards ignorance and human foolishness; a disproportionate satire that, unable to know where to aim, shoots in all possible directions. A funny and grotesque celebration of the repertoire of our own stupidity.


WARNING TO THE AUDIENCE: We inform our spectators that this show uses strobe lights and therefore may affect people with epilepsy.

Cast and Creative Team

Dramaturgy and direction by Darío Facal

With: Agus Ruiz, Bárbara Santa-Cruz, Mario Alonso and Ana Janer

Set design: Darío Facal

Ligthing design and video: Raquel Rodríguez

Costume design: Gadea Barceló

Sound design and music: Álvaro Delgado

Assistant director: Andrea Casamitjana

A production by Teatro Español and Metatarso Producciones

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Audio description

Magnetic loop

Subtitling for the deaf

Amplified sound

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