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La bella Dorotea

by Miguel Mihura
La bella dorotea
March 30
May 1, 2022
6 > 22€
Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm
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Dorotea lives in a small town in the north of Spain in the mid 1970s. The daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the town, she is also a misfit and a rebel. She can’t stand all the gossiping that goes on in town, the envy and the oppressive provincial mentality she’s had the misfortune to be born into. When the play begins, she is about to marry Fermín, a stranger who seems a good man and with whom she has fallen in love. At the last minute however, unable to withstand the pressure in the village, he leaves her at the altar.

Dorotea, finding herself all dressed up and without a groom, decides to find a man who is available and she makes a vow, much to the surprise and derision of the entire town, not to take off her wedding dress until she finds someone to marry, hoping, as she herself says, to prick the consciences of her neighbours in the process. As the months go by Dorotea becomes more and more disheartened until one day, Juan and José Rivadavia, the one a costermonger and the other a rather down-at-heel baritone, arrive in the town to give a surprising and mysterious twist to the course of events.

Cast and Creative Team

By: Miguel Mihura

Direction: Amelia Ochandiano

Cast: Manuela Velasco (Dorotea), Raúl Fernández de Pablo (José Rivadavia / Don Manuel), Rocío Marín (Rosa), César Camino (Juan / Doña Rita), Mariona Terés (Benita), María José Hipólito (Inés) and Belén Ponce de León (Remedios)

Scene design: Raúl García Guerrero

Lighting design: Juan Gómez-Cornejo (AAI)

Costumes design: María Luisa Engel

Sound and video design: Jose Mora

Direction assistant: Ana Barceló

Residencia de ayudantía de dirección: Virginia Rodríguez

Scene assistant: Juanjo González Ferrero

Lighting assistant: Irene Cantero

A production by Teatro Español

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Amplified sound

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